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Research paper 1 – 2 Covid misinformation & Vaccine injuries & harm to the public

1. Research Paper 1 – Dr Aseem Malothra, Covid misinformation & harm caused by vaccine to public

2. Research paper 2 – Dr Aseem Malothra

Dear All friends & health professionals

Covid misinformation and vaccine roll out has been extremely harmful for public health & wellbeing as published in the international medical paper based on evidence based medicine . Please listen this video released today & read two scientific papers with peer reviews attached with the data collected and published today on 26/09/2022 by Dr Aseem Malhotra , renowned Consultant Cardiologist working in London, U.K.

Public health is at risk and people are dying with caving shots .Covid vaccine roll out must be stopped with immediate effect .

I told you long time ago that , I was right ! Truth is surfacing and crime against humanity is getting obvious like a day light 💡

Best Regards

Dr Mohammad I Adil

3. Dr Aseem Malothra interview with Double Tree

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