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Norway has been noticed again in the world. This time after we lead the way with the number of death victims per given injections of this experimental gene therapy (EGT), which is mistakenly called the “Covid-19 vaccine”: BMJ on deaths many in Norway, 15/1-21: (read in particular comments).

But also, other countries have noted many deaths shortly after this EGT. Why Norway leads, is unclear. While the 2 largest risk factors of dying from Covid-19 (C19), is vitamin-D deficiency and if one has received the flu vaccine prior. Both factors were certainly present in the victims. norway-death-toll-rises-to-29/?fbclid=IwAR13Ud8qBqbYTFxbO_og41SEpNEKbQYYjXIRkA56CDn36YgrbQfEUVI4I0I

Singapore and China have stopped using Pfizer’s experimental gene therapy
( norway/ ).

Scientists from Australia and New Zealand are calling for a halt of the Astra-Zeneca “vaccine” trial: 20210112-p56tjt.html

California stops injections with Moderna Covid due to too many side effects: .

Italian law decides there is not enough research on C-“vaccines” and demands an investigation committee: investigation-into-vaccine-quality-control-and-says-scientific-answers-are-needed-italy/

I have a hard time believing in that the FHI (Norwegian CDC) and the Norwegian Medicines Agency, by director Steinar Madsen has not received the many warnings about serious side effects: COVID-CLARK.pdf, article22292066.html receiving-Pfizer-Covid-19-vaccine.html vaccine_3625914.html allergic-reaction-to-covid-vaccine-13763695/ vaccines_3644148.html vaccine-nhs-extreme-allergy-sufferers-regulators-reaction from-new-coronavirus-variants-south-african-experts-warn-12180837 anaphylaxis-receiving-Pfizers-vaccine-CDC-reveals.html biontech/

Some background information:

Real vaccines contain proteins from microbes (viruses or bacteria), to which our immune system should respond by forming antibodies. This so-called Covid-19 “vaccine” does not contain proteins from C viruses, but synthetic (artificial) mRNA bits, wrapped in nano-particles of fat, that are supposed to prevent our immune system from attacking and removing this software. Then this mRNA should be built into our cells, not only in the muscle, where the syringe is inserted, but it is spread with blood flow to the whole body, including the brain, where it is likely to be built into our cells. This “computer program” (m stands for messenger) is intended to trigger the cells to produce a “spike protein”, which is found on the C virus, but spike proteins are also found on testicles, placenta and possibly in the brain. When our immune systems now attack these proteins, they cannot distinguish between the proteins that sit on the virus and those that sit on our own cells. Thus, it is free for auto-immune diseases and possibly infertility. But you’ll find out only in a few years. Then it is too late, because there is no cure or reset-button for this gene modification of humans. And many people wonder if the patent owner (most often Bill Gates) then owns the people who have been injected/genetically modified.

This genetic technology that will manipulate our cells into producing both proteins/antigens and antibodies has never before been tested on humans and animal experiments have been jumped over now.

Because almost all animals died, when they were exposed to mRNA vaccines in the past, it has not been allowed to use these in humans until September 2020. On July 17, 2020, the EU also “had to change the rules” because in the past it has been forbidden for genetically modified organisms and humans to move within the EU without a special license (see from 43:00): Many specialists expect even more people to experience deadly side effects after the next “quack” dose and when they come into contact with natural virus similar to SARSCoV2, weeks or months later. But then the authorities will surely reject a connection, so as not to lose face (and freedom).

It is also very strange that the “vaccine’ effect was referred to be over 90%, which is required for a license, while a closer inspection showed an effect of less than 20% on cough, fever and/or a runny nose. It has not been shown that this experimental gene therapy protects against infection and serious disease (Covid-10). - Why isn’t this disclosed? Could it be that no one who has a brain cell left, would risk serious side effects of an injection that could possibly protect against coughing for a few months? And why doesn’t it emerge that we can never get rid of coronaviruses, which we have lived with since hundreds of thousands of years? Even the producers admit that we have to live with these viruses (and vaccines) forever: coronavirus-forever.html

A doctor from Israel concludes that Pfizer’s EGT is less than half as effective, as alleged: vaccine-effective-expected-one-dose.html

Have we been deceived?

  1. There are laws in all countries, which are used to stop alternative medicine: Deceptive labeling is prohibited when using words with the intent to deceive. Like a medicine (vaccine) to protect against disease, infection, quarantine, etc. content/uploads/2021/01/BotW_transcript_01112021.pdf
  2. From Wikipedia: “Vaccines are weak or dead infectious agents or toxins that are supplied to the body to make it immune to the disease the current infectious agent carries with it. A vaccine acts as an antigen and causes the body to begin to form antibodies.”
  3. In its marketing, Moderna makes a point that they have never made a vaccine, but that they use gene therapy technology, set up as a cancer treatment. They put a synthetic nucleic acid (mRNA) in a bed of oily nanoparticles (PEG) to prevent our immune system from attacking this mRNA, which should act as a computer program (“plug-and-play”, as they themselves describe it here: drug-discovery-development. PEG is a strong allergen, and antibodies to PEG have been found in 8%-70%. The allergic reactions can be fatal. And their injection is not a “vaccine.”
  4. This experimental gene therapy (EGT), which they call covid-19- “vaccine” has not been shown to prevent infection/transmission or disease. They even write that they did not test for immunity, “because it was impractical to measure infection”.
  5. for immunity, “because it was impractical to measure infection”. So why does “everyone” call it for “vaccines”? Is it because no one can recommend or mandate an experimental gene therapy to trillions of healthy people? Because the term «vaccine» starts a tsunami of funding, or because manufacturers and advocates have no responsibility for any harm, as long as it is called for a «vaccine»? If they would be honest and called it EGT, it would not have been possible to get an urgent approval 2 years before the experiment is finished, even during a health crisis.
  6. the experiment is finished, even during a health crisis. Also, reporting a positive PCR test as «infection”, is a misrepresentation and a misleading practice, and all, including the newspapers, should be prosecuted, since they cannot waive responsibility for deceptive practices and improper advertising.
  7. It is a serious law violation by gene therapy companies - oddly enough not by vaccine manufacturers, to conduct experimental trials and make them under deceptive medical practice, which qualifies for lawsuits.
  8. practice, which qualifies for lawsuits. Anyone who has experienced serious side effects from this experimental gene therapy from Moderna or Pfizer, or other injections against C19, should therefore complain to them and claim compensation. And doctors who recommend EGT as a “vaccine” should be accused of quackery.
  9. Side effects should be reported both here: sikkerhet/meld-bivirkninger, here: and here:
  10. Many specialists recommend an autopsy of those who died, because it is easy to distinguish between a fatal reaction after a vaccine, which can be seen in multiple tissues/cells and one after an infection, which usually appears only on the trachea. – Should it prove that a vaccine reaction is likely, one should sue the institution, doctor and/or politicians who recommended the “vaccination”. –It is also important to know whether the deceased was infected with influenza or Covid-19 virus, and whether he or she had received the correct /effective treatment for C19.
  11. In addition, it is important to obtain and freeze the remnants of the vaccine given to find out if it: 1. had been destroyed by too high temperature, 2. contained other ingredients that the doctor has not been informed of, 3. contained mRNA bits from other than SARSCoV2, such as HIV, as it was discovered in Australia.

It is mildly nauseating to listen to Steinar Madsen, the director of the Norwegian Medicines Agency when he says that these “vaccines” are safe, knowing that the subjects had to be over 16 and under 75 years of age and without diseases or allergies. They were also not allowed to drink alcohol or smoke. He also reiterates that the studies have been placebo-controlled, knowing that real saline hoax syringes have not been used, but other vaccines known to have many side effects.

As a doctor, he probably also knows that the second injection with the same allergen is probably fatal. And now the FHI is already warning that more booster syringes are going to be needed because the effect does not last as long as natural immunity after disease. ( det-er-mulig-vi-ma-gi-en-tredje-vaksinedose-1.15331865)

Several researchers have criticized the studies around these EGT syringes/programs as “manipulated to succeed”, which in my world is called cheating: trials-are-designed-to-succeed/
and modernas-95-effective-vaccines-we-need-more-details-and-the-raw-data/

CHDE: grace-a-la-coordination-de-milliers-de-medecins-scientifiques-et-elus-independants-france/

The risk to die from Covid-19 is only 0.12 %for all ages: naa-har-fhi-gjor?fbclid=IwAR1Mg43JwS-3_Ed_63JBmJjGyfYLth7BYhg0-AiZJmgKkoxWuu8Su2QsSfI,
while the risk of getting serious side effects from the experimental gene therapy is approximately 3%.

From the US, Austria and other countries come reports that up to 80% of hospital staff refuse to be “vaccinated.” No wonder, because they’ve probably understood that:

Let me remind you again that NO vaccine or genetic treatment protects as well as vitamin D3 (4000 IE) and zinc (50 mg). And if you still get symptoms of a (lung) infection, I do not recommend hospital, but 500 mg “Quercetin” from the Health Food Store or a prescription for “Plaquenil” (=HCQ), 200 mg 2 x daily for 5 days.

If your doctor doesn’t want to print out this harmless, effective and affordable malaria medicine, contact me.

Some happy messages in the end:

  1. Brazil’s President Bolsonaro is opening up to an Indian vaccine, but he warns his compatriots not to take any C19 vaccines at all and has made it clear that not Brazil, but the manufacturer must pay out, should anyone be harmed.

  2. Efforts are being made to find solutions to travel around the world without a mask and vaccine certificate: and

  3. Trial in Weimar/Germany won: 8 people from 7 apartments met outside a building and received penalties. None of them were sick or had tested positive for C19. The judge concluded that there is not an epidemic that can justify quarantine for the healthy, that there died far fewer than one had anticipated, such as in the case of a flu. Contact between people cannot be punishable. Contact bans (lockdown) are also without effect and cost huge amounts of money. Society and especially the children suffer, suicide rates are increasing, other seriously ill do not receive treatment in time, that more deaths by measures against the ”pandemic” have been recorded, than by the virus (

  4. Austria’s Constitutional Court declared most corona measures for constitutional violations and they were repealed on 10.12.20:

  5. Israel’s Human Rights Committee declares that Pfizer is conducting illegal experiments on people:

  6. A new Norwegian documentary has emerged with footage from WFA with only facts about Covid-19, which should be shared also to those who haven’t woken up yet: R2_RXJQPHDVNUNQ6Ny9qehskzQlAthrm03vhmzoUMP1z-ExLepPaARTpsA

  7. On 20.1.21, the WHO has changed recommendations on the unreliable PCR test: Now it suddenly states that we skeptics were right all along, that this test produces too many false positive results, with major financial consequences to follow. Now they believe that each person with a positive PCR test should be assessed by a doctor for symptoms and that control tests had to be taken: – Then we must be able to claim to obtain 2 new PCR tests, one for a national laboratory and one that we can send to a foreign laboratory for “sequence analysis”, in order to determine whether it is really about SARSCoV2, or influenza.

    Please contact me to get an address for the foreign laboratory.

    Kind regards,
    Heiko Santelmann,MD
    Oslo, den 23.1.21


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