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I would like you to attend this historical hearing. It’s a public hearing therefore anyone can attend.

“You are the owner of your dreams and your rights nobody else! Stand up for your rights even if you stand alone.”

My story in brief is as following.

I qualified Fellowship FRCS from The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK in 1996 and RCS Ireland . I have been trained in UK and Ireland with 30 years of unblemished record without any cause for concern by the GMC or NHS throughout my working diligently with great enthusiasm in UK and saved thousands of precious lives and treated many thousands of patients successfully without any untoward incident.

1. In early 2020 entire world got confused due to propaganda of the Covid pandemic with lockdown, extraordinary restrictions on public , closure of all the health services in U.K. , hundreds and thousands of elderly patients dying in nursing and care homes , suicidal rate among youngsters rocketed sky high . People lost their economy, businesses, loss of education system and serious mental and physical health issues.

There has been total violation of the civil liberties , freedom of speech & expression, human rights and medical ethics. I predicted millions of patients would go on the waiting list which has come true.

In April 2020 I predicted about vaccination roll out as an end point of the entire scenario to reduce world population which has come true . Hundreds and thousands of vaccine rebates injuries , deaths , myocarditis, strokes , paraplegia , dementias , respiratory failures and clots in legs and lungs reported with sudden deaths in youngsters due to vaccine injuries.

At the time I was working in North Manchester Hospital Trust, when I raised my concerns in the favour of public in couple of my videos over the social media when I was dismissed abruptly by the Trust on 22/04/2020 by the order of the Medical Director Jonathan Moise without any notification, advice, charge sheet notice or following any disciplinary procedure and I was asked to leave the Trust. I had no clinical, ethical , social , patient related or health issues whatsoever.

2. Same sequence was repeated in Pilgrims Hospital Boston, United Lincolnshire Trust on 07/05/2020 when I went to do locum there . MD Mr Neil Hepburn dismissed me due to my same video holding my opinion over Covid-19 . I was dismissed suddenly without any advice or charge sheet notice and failed to follow any disciplinary procedure, warning, or prior notification. I had no clinical, ethical , social or health issues whatsoever.

3. On 25th May 2020 I received a letter from the GMC alleged for 3 online complaints by unknown members of the public Mr ND, Mr SH, Mrs KK ,Miss SH in my video of Covid-19 on the social media and was advised to attend IOT hearing of the MPTS on 01/06/2020.

I was declined adjournment due to short period of time and lack of GMC bundle notes consisting of 246 pages which were provided to me during IOT hearing on 01/06/2020 and asked to go through in 90 minutes which was unfair and unlawful . On my return I was suspended for a period of 12 months by the IOT in a brief hearing over the Skype and my licence to practice medicine in UK was stripped off.

4. Several appeals to IOT, and Chief Executives of the GMC were declined which I made after my suspension order which caused serious damage to my reputation, career, total loss of income, livelihood, and mental trauma to my family and 3 school going children and their wellbeing.

5. After my suspension GMC started witch hunting as GMC is famous for the witchcraft in walking to various trusts where I had worked for the last 3 years to collect some clinical material to generate clinical and mental health issue to reinforce their case, but they miserably failed to prove any clinical or health related case.

In October 2020 Government rolled out mRNA vaccine in collaboration with the big pharmaceutical companies with full indemnity and injected into public without informed consent.

After 12 months GMC extended my suspension order for another 12 months and referred me to the MPTS ( medical professional tribunal) for decision and hearing fixed on 13/6/22- 01/7/2022.

6. On 11/01/2021 my suspension order was lifted by the IOT of the GMC with 14 conditions imposed on my licence to practice which created serious difficulties in securing my job as Trust would have to employ two consultants one my Supervisor and myself .

7. Despite 14 conditions I secured a job in Morriston Hospital, Swansea Bay Hospital Wales , for a period of 6 months which I commenced on 30/5/2022 . But GMC paralegal team approached and manipulated Trust to get me terminated on third day of my job on 2/6/2022.

I attended MPTS hearing from 13/06/2022 until 01/07/2022 on my own where GMC failed to prove its case against me without any witness, proof, evidence, or survey that my videos had damaged members of the public and profession . But they again suspended me for another 6 months for the safety of the public from me which I don’t understand?

On 01/09/2022 I appealed to the high court against my unlawful dismissal , prolonged and unlawful suspension, injustice, and discrimination against me ruining my 30 years of brilliant career , reputation and total loss of income which brought immense grief and traumatise to my family , my wife and 3 school going children , their education and wellbeing.
For that I have High Court Hearing on 15/02/2023 at 10:30 in London .

I have pleasure to inform you that my High Court Case hearing against GMC of unjustified & unwarranted dismissal & suspension order since May 2020 for holding an opinion of corona pandemics in couple of my videos over the social media is on 15/2/2023 at 10.30 in London . Exact address would be sent to you in the due course .

Millions of people across the world are sending their best wishes to me and are keen to know the outcome of this historical hearing against ongoing injustice and tyranny against public.

Many professionals ,friends ,members of the public and media reporters would be joining us in the high court , London on 15/2/23 for their support and solidarity.

My renowned solicitors & barristers PJH law firm & Mr Philip Hyland & Mr Francis Hoar are representing me.

Please join me to support the cause for truth, integrity & justice.

This is a historical case of international interest and would be a milestone in the history of mankind to end the ongoing injustice & tyranny against the long-standing fascism.

Please join me with your kind support and solidarity.

Can you help Mr Mohammad Iqbal Adil FRCS raise £15000 to Fund for Dr Mohammad Adil FRCS Consultant Surgeon & Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons of UK for his Suspended Medical licence by GMC.. Please donate to their JustGiving Crowdfunding Page:

Best wishes
Yours Sincerely

Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil
General , Colorectal & Breast Cancer & Laparoscopic Surgeon

30 years of working for NHS , U.K. from (1990 -2020)

The Chairman & Pioneer of :

1. The World Doctors Alliance ( WDA )


2. Global Nishtarian Organisation ( GNO )

3. All Pakistan Medical Association U.K. ( APMAUk)

4. Health & Safety Group Int. ( HSGI)

5. Global Professionals International ( GPI)

6. Research & Publication International Group ( RPG)

7. World Medical Form (



Chairman :

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